Customer Testimonial


We had an especially remarkable kitty. His name was Bobbles. We named him that because he had cerebral hypoplasia. This is an under developed cerebral cortex. This caused his head to Bob around constantly. He also had many other birth defects which made it impossible for him to stand, sit or walk. With medication we were able to keep him comfortable. He would even play though he spent all his time laying on his side. We kept him in a child’s pack and play so our other cats didn’t pick on him. He had to wear diapers cause he couldn’t walk to use a litter box. We took him out of it everyday when someone was home. I had to hand feed and hand water him. We got him at 6 months and took him to the vet immediately. She was shocked that he had survived to 6 months and warned me not to get too attached. When he died he was 4 years old. We prepared for the day when we would have to either euthanize him or he would pass on his own. I had already bought an urn. His conditioned had worsened very suddenly and as we were pulled into the driveway of the vet to have him euthanized, he died right in my arms. We had taken our urn with us and after the vet confirmed he had died, we headed straight to Faithful Companion for the cremation. I was so surprised at their professionalism I just knew he was in very good hands. In all my years of owning pets I have never gone to this extreme, but he was so very special to me. This was actually 4 years ago and to this day I still mourn his loss. I even made a small shrine for him wit his picture, a candle and a small statue of St. Francid of Assisi. My vet said it was probably very close to losing a child cause he required 24/7 care and that she didn’t know of anyone else that would have done all that I done.