Customer Testimonial

Maria Hauser

My little Mükki crossed the rainbow bridge on March 28, 2016. I had never experienced such a devastating emotion as the loss of my beloved Mükki. Once she passed the vet referred me to some crematory that would pick her up in a day or two and then I wouldn’t get her ashes back until 2 or 3 weeks. I immediately felt something was not right with all this. I did research online about that company and saw a horrible review and immediately there after came across Faithful Companion, read their reviews and felt this was exactly who I needed to take care of my beloved Mükki. Time was of the essence since the other company had already been contacted by the vet. I called faithful companion and spoke to the owner, Phil. I explained to him my situation and immediately knew by how compassionate and understanding he was that they were the right people to help me. I then immediately called the vet and told them that they should not under any circumstances give Mükki to the other crematory company and instead Faithful Companion would handle everything. I have to say that after that unpleasant ordeal, I had the most wonderful experience with faithful companion I got my little Mükki back the day after and she was handled with care and dignity as she deserved. Faithful Companion were my angels on earth in the midst of such a painful time in my life. Thank You for giving me peace and closure.