My Beautiful Luna,
You appeared in my father’s backyard in May 2008, and soon became a beloved part of our family. You gave my father much-needed companionship for the last 3+ years of his life. Both he and I fell in love with you, beguiled by your blue eyes that shone like moonlight – hence, your name! Your howl was soulful and your bark demanding! In your younger days, we would take long walks, until one day the stubborn side of your Siberian Husky nature mandated shorter outings. In recent times you started limping on your left front leg – by the time it was diagnosed as a nerve sheath tumor, the cancer had already spread to your spine. You coped well for many months on strong pain relievers until the cancer crippled your back legs. On a spring day in May eight years after we met, I had to bid you farewell. In your ~13 years of life, you were always friendly to people, cats, and dogs who did not try to eat your food. I hope you have reunited with the spirits of my father and of Rico, our departed feline friend. I miss you so very much, my sweet lady. You taught this cat person how to more fully appreciate the companionship of a canine friend. I look forward to seeing you in my dreams and beyond …

You’re forever in my heart,

  • May 13, 2016
    Dear Sandi, dear Luna spirit, This beautiful memorial made me cry, and I do not even know you, Luna. It is so very clear how close you two were, what you had meant to each other. Sandi, you will miss her, I can see she was/is a special spirit- those eyes are just amazing! LUNA - the name fits. Yes, your mother's Day turned out to be a sad one, Sandi, my heart goes out to you...another big loss to bear. But you gave her a good retirement and she was loved. She knows that. And now she is a peace, no more pain, and all those buddies to play with! In love and sympathy, Barbara
  • May 13, 2016
    Dear Sandi, My heart hurts for you. Luna sure knew where she was going when she headed into the backyard. All your animals receive so much love and quality care. They could not ask for a better home than yours. Luna is such a beautiful dog, her moonlit eyes full of love So glad to know she gave your beloved father a good 3 years of steady companionship. So very sorry for your loss. You have a BIG HEART OF GOLD. With Love & heartfelt sympathy, Gail
  • May 16, 2016
    Dear Sandi, I was so sad after you left on Saturday, not knowing exactly when Luna would have actually left us. I like to picture Luna right now with Dad, and even with Bob and Charlie, even though Luna never met them. Somehow our loving connection with our animals and with each other I feel brings them all together in the energy/spirit field so that when they return in new form they are often together in the next life. With our animals, we may even get a chance to see them in that next life while we are still in this one. I know Luna is thinking of you right now, and looking out for you. She loves you, and that energy never dies, never. My Love and Hugs, Your Sister, Debbie
  • May 16, 2016
    Dear Sandi, We are so sorry to hear of your loss of Luna. We know that you gave her a wonderful life and you did the best for her while she was going through this difficult illness. She was incredibly lucky to have you and she will be missed. Thank you for sharing her picture, what a beautiful soul she was. Our deepest sympathies to you and our hearts are with you. With care, Kim and Tom

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