Alley Cat

To Alley whom i loved more than life itself: What i couldn’t find in people, i found in you. When people didn’t understand me, you somehow did. When no one was there for me, you made sure you were. It’s not everyday someone can come into your life and shine light in the darkest of places. You weren’t just a cat or a pet, you were more than that. You were family, but also my best friend. I said i wouldn’t cry, but that quickly became a lie. You lived a long 13 year life and instead of being sad i should rejoice that you lived and that i was able to call you mine. No one will ever be able to replace or replicate what you and i shared. Even though we may not be together on Earth anymore, that won’t stop me from loving the thought of you each and every day until i come to join you. You were so loved, i just want you to know that. Life will never be the same without you. I know this isn’t goodbye; but more of a see you later. And for that, i’ll see you soon; i know i will. I love you so much, Alley Cat. Love, Brandon

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