Customer Testimonial

The Rodrigues family <3

The passing of my cat,Lucky, was probably one of the hardest things i had to experience… he passed in my arms on saturday night 1-14-12, I wasnt to sure what i wanted to do, he enjoyed going outside on a daily basis so it was between him getting burried outside where he LOVED to spend most of his time or to get him cremated… me and my family finally came upon the decision to cremate him. The only issue was we wanted to make sure it was HIM and ONLY HIM not a bunch of random ashes from other pets… so we did our research and found Faithful Companion. I would honestly recommend them to anyone who would want to cremate their pets we were greeted at the door and he place Lucky on a cart and wheeled him to the rroom where it would be done he was placed in a nice box and all.

The way everything was handled made me feel so good about choosing them ! I have 2 other cats and i DEFINITLY plan on using them again hopefully not anytime soon !


The Rodrigues family