Customer Testimonial

Priscilla Herochik

My heart was broken when Johnnie Raccoon became terminally ill. Johnny had been part of my life since I rehabiltated her starting at two weeks of her life. After her eyes were open, I learned that this baby raccoon was blind. She could never be released into the wild like the rest of the little raccoons that I rehabilitated each year. I had her for over ten years. I would not let her suffer. We had to help her over the Rainbow Bridge. Johnnie passed away Friday night, and we took her home from the vet.

I had no time to think about cremation but my husband mentioned it. I decided that I wanted Johnnie with me always since I no longer rehab and will never have another raccoon to cuddle. But at least I would have her remains. On Saturday I found faithful companion. They were very kind. They cremated my beloved Johnnie, and we picked up her ashes on Sunday morning. We’d had her name engraved on her beautiful wooden box provided for her. We will always appreciate how they cared for her because Johnnie will always be in my heart.