Customer Testimonial

Pam & Ron Nickerson

My husband and I were driving from Boston to Naples for the winter with our 2 dogs and 2 cats when we got trapped in bumper to bumper traffic on I95 in the Carolinas. My 14 yo ShihTzu Haley who had many medical issues being contained with medications began vomitting and became very restless. I finally located a Veterinarian Hospital in Charleston SC that was opened. Sadly my beloved Haley had to be euthanized due to Congestive Heart Failure. We finally made it to Naples where Faithful Companion was recommended for cremation. I was so exhausted and distraught at this point I was in a daze. The cremation service was made so personal and humane by Tim and Michelle that I can only say Thank God for them. It’s very rare to meet such beautiful, honest and caring people in business. At one of the saddest points in my life they really helped ease my pain. I cannot say enough about these two kind people. Thank you so much Tim and Michelle. Pam & Ron Nickerson