Customer Testimonial

Gina Bartkowski

After 15 long years I had to say goodbye to my family member with 4 legs. I had Tim since he was 4 weeks old someone had dumped that precious puppy in a dumpster. I had volunteered at the animal welfare and as soon as he came in I saw him hiding terrified in the back of the cage and instantly said that’s my dog. Tim was a very special dog he reminded me so much of myself. We both have major anxiety over the simplest of things. He was so special to me I will forever cherish every year spent with him. When the time came he let my mother and I know….he just gave us a look and we knew. He was tired it was time for him to be in paradise. When I contacted faithful companion they made such a heart wrenching process as easy as it could be. They were so compassionate and professional. The young gentlemen who came to get Tim had to wait because the vet took longer then expected and he was so understanding and patient. The whole process was so fast I had Tim sitting in his beautiful urn in my room watching over me in 24 hrs. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I don’t think I could’ve went through this painful process without faithful companion. Again thank you.