Zues Rivera

Last night was the worst night of my life. After almost 13 year my best friend past away in my arms. Since he was 5 weeks old Zues has never left my side an was always there for me threw everything. I loved him more than anything in this world an I would have given my life for him. I bottle fed him, cleaned him, an cried at vet visits. I can’t express to you the unconditional love I will always have for him. Zues was my 1st dog an sadly he will be my last. My heart can never feel as empty as it does now. My poor boy I’m so sorry your time with me was not forever but you will always be with me until we meet again. Kaluah will be lost without her big brother but now she is all I have I left.

We decided to have Zues cremated that way he will alway be home where he belongs. Mommy, Daddy & Kahlua will miss you & will always love you.

RIP ZUES 6-28-04/5-10-17 ����������

No pain, no suffering, just grab your ball an run buddy. I’ll catch up one day. I Love you Foofer !

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