My Sweet Trina,

You were rescued by a humane society in Louisiana from Hurricane Katrina and brought to Michigan by SASHA Farm (animal sanctuary) for adoption. I had just bid farewell to my ailing elderly beagle Buddy, so my heart was open to another beagle soul – you were so adorable with freckles on your legs and a very plush brown & white coat! You apparently had been used as a breeder dog, so with me your “puppy milling” days were over. Even though you came to me with heartworm, and later had a bout with pneumonia and developed a thyroid problem, you had such an exuberance for life, always loving to forage in the yard or to investigate the world on walks. You SO looked forward to your “green bone” each day! You loved your much older and larger canine companion Vera until she passed away, and was very patient with the antics of your much younger and smaller canine roommate Randy. In the last 3 years you lived with chronic heart failure, but did well on medication until the 2015 holiday season. I asked you to stay with me through the holidays, and you did until just after New Year’s. I am glad you got to enjoy all the extra holiday treats before you started having trouble breathing. When the emergency vet could do no more to help you, I was grateful to be able to kiss you goodbye before you passed. I am thankful for being able to give you a decent life for 10+ out of your ~13 years. I hope your spirit has reconnected with Vera’s, and please forgive Randy for being insensitive to you – I know he misses you as much as I do! I hope to see you in my dreams and beyond …

Love, Sandi

  • January 14, 2016
    Dear Sandi, I am so very sad to hear of the passing of Trina...another one of your beloved four-footed companions never gets any easier, does it? There eventually comes the time to let them go, and, oh, I know how hard it is! Hopefully Trina will indeed visit you in your dreams, and beyond - something all us animal lovers long for. She was one lucky dog to find safety in a good home and be so loved by you! - and to also have an animal companion, Vera. May the two of them happily frolic at Rainbow Bridge!! With love and sympathy, Barbara B.
  • January 15, 2016
    Dear Sandi, Feeling sad to hear of your loss of Trina. Her body was ready for the change, and I am sure she will find you in her next life .. Old Souls always find each other from one phase to the next. Those lovely memories always keep the wonderful experiences we've had alive in our souls until we meet again, and I have no doubt Trina will be there in your dreams! All my love, Your Sister, Debbs

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