Peaches was a Sun Conure from the Brazilian Rain forest. They are on the Endangered species list in the wild. She was given to me by my old neighbor. She was just a few months old, but my neighbor could not keep her due to her hatred of other birds. :0 I didn’t even know what type of bird she was when we got her. We loved and cared for her for almost 16 yrs as a feathered human. She was very protective of her family, and would attack anyone she thought was a threat to them. My oldest son was her chosen human and stayed with him at all times. We will really miss you, and your cuddles and kisses. RIP my sweet girl. 9/00-1/11/16

  • January 17, 2016
    So sorry for your family's loss as our pets are a part of us...tell Shane I am thinking of him....Love to all.

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