My precious Rico,

You have been the love of my life, forever in my heart. In your 18+ years your were always affectionate, often feisty. You were healthy until your teens, then had problems (with your thyroid, eyes, teeth, joints, gall bladder, liver, heart, pancreas, red blood cell count, kidneys) that depleted your “nine lives” . Through it all you had such a will to live, until your body was spent. I am so grateful for every day of the 17 years we shared on earth. I miss snuggling with you, cradling you next to my heart, and walking with you outside on beautiful days. I feel so lonely without you, my sweet little boy – please visit me in my dreams, until our spirits reunite one day …

I love you with all my heart and soul,

  • October 1, 2015
    Dear Sandi, Reading about the relationship you had with your beloved Rico made me cry...and I can only try to imagine how lonely you must feel without his presence on this earth. I say "on this earth" since someone so loved is not gone forever from the person who cared for him like you did for Rico. Treasure the memories of you two together and believe you will meet again, I feel that you will. My thoughts and love are with you and Rico...may time heal a bit at least of your sorrow. with love and sympathy, Barbara
  • October 1, 2015
    Dear Kind Sandi, You have saved so many lives of animals and have been such an advocate for animals. I wish there were more people on this earth that had such a big heart as yours. Imagine what it would be like! With your expert and loving care, Rico lived many more happy years with you. He would not have lived through as much as he had if not for your compassionate, loving care. You gave him the very best medical help and love anyone could give. I know your heart is broken and words cannot ease the hurt. Please know that you and Rico are in my prayers and I am sending you Light for healing of the hurt. One day you will be reunited with him, but his Spirit is with you at all times. Love, Gail
  • October 1, 2015
    Sandi, I and am so sorry for your loss. I feel what you do, because there is always one special animal. As you know I rescue horses and over the years there it has always hurt to lose them. But I still have my special one. A pony mare named Popo. She is crippled and no one wanted her. She is the love of my life and means everything to me. Even though I cant take her in the house to keep me company all the time, I always look forward to her nicker at feeding time and her affectionate cuddling and the great massages she offers me. I dread the day I lose her, but I also worry that if I depart first, she would just be put down. I have recently decided to write a will for her so she is taken care of if I leave first. I know Rico was your "special one". I can only tell you that you will be together again, and until then, there are other animals that need you, and you surely do help many. This world would be a very sad place if it was not for you and the few others like you who truly care. Thanks for all you do for animals. George
  • October 2, 2015
    My Dear Sandi, So, so sorry to hear your baby Rico has passed over, at least physically, but I know he is with you now in essence, and in the quiet times, like in your dreams, he and you will be able to reach one another. I see Charlie this way frequently, so I know you to will see Rico <3 Always know you gave Rico a wonderful life, and that Rico knows it too, which is why he will not leave your side, ever .. All my Love, Debbie
  • October 6, 2015
    Your description of him, and the relationship your shared is very moving. Sending my sympathy. Bee
  • March 23, 2016
    To My Dear Sister Sandi, While we have all deeply loved every one of our many furred and feathered "children" over the years, it is natural that one will always find that singular place in our hearts, nestle in, and never depart from that special niche. Beauregard, my beloved "Boogie," was my kitty soulmate, and Rico was yours. I remember how "strapping" Rico was in his youthful days, attacking canned food with a passion, and devouring it before it hit the bowl as if he had a tractor beam in his mouth (a feat which never ceased to amaze and delight his "gam-ma" and "gam-pa," a.k.a. Mom and Dad, when they would feed him in your absence). He could dispatch a pat of his treasured "buh-dur" with speedy alacrity. "Rico Suave" cuddled affectionately with you most every night, but the occasional "love-bite" on your nose was his way of reminding you that you were in love with a complex dude. I know you have many bittersweet memories of your countless road trips together, taking him to MSU's Small Animal Teaching Hospital for exceptional veterinary care, where, true to his "larger-than-life" purr-sonality, he became a favored celebrity. You took wonderful care of your beloved boy, and when it was time for his mighty spirit to shed his frail body, we tenderly set him free beneath the locust tree in the family back yard on that sunny autumn day. I know your heart is broken, but I have to believe Rico's spirit will reunite with yours one day-- may it be the karmic reward for loving another so completely. Love From Your Sister, Sheri

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