Buffy Marie

My precious little baby doll. My heart broke into a million pieces the day I lost you. You were one of my little shadows that went everywhere with me. So smart, so loving so full of life. So little but with a whole lot of big personality. I nicknamed you Mimi because you truly believed you ruled the house and it was all about you! And that was o.k. with me! I had so much fun with you. Even though you were 10 years old when you first came to live with us, I felt as if we had been together from the beginning. You had almost as many outfits as your human sister did when she was young! Best of all you actually loved strutting around in them! I miss the many kisses (or smoochie smoochies as we called them ) and how you would crawl into my shirt just to be as close as you could to me. Even when things weren’t going too good near the end you tried to still be Buffy. I miss holding you, kissing that little scooped up nose and how you use to tilt your head from side to side when I talked to you. Thank you for the privilege of being your Mom for the last 7 1/2 years. I miss you sweetheart. I’ll forever hold you in my heart until we meet again.
Love you always. Your Mom, Dad and Alex
Benny, Brittney, Jade, Lola, Sparky, Pepper, Geno, Bob and Jingles

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