In Loving Memory of Reese
(2003? – February 24, 2012)

We brought Reese into our loving home just less than 4 years ago. The doctor estimated he was only about 8 or 9 years old at the most. He lived a harsh life before we rescued him – found in an abandoned house in Ohio. Within days, he realized he finally had a family that loved him. He no longer had to fight for a meal or loving attention.

Little did we know, he was heartworm positive at that time and despite our holistic attempts, he had to endure the grueling heartworm treatment back in 2009.

Reese loved riding in the passenger seat of our cars, camping up north, playing with frisbees and water bottles – and loved being scratched and petted!

His life was cut way too short – having debilitating arthritis in his spine and hips, he didn’t respond to attempts to relieve his pain. He stopped eating and we had to carry him everywhere. Now he can play painlessly with our beloved Sammy.

We love you and miss you immeasurably, Reese.

Your family,
Jeff, Bernadette, Bryan, Laura, Ryan & Isabelle.

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