My little rambunctious Randy,
I found you hiding behind trash cans in my backyard in August 2007, a very scruffy, burr-covered, scared and hungry boy. You provided welcome company for my father until I could integrate you into my dog family. You enjoyed the company of Vera (a shepherd-husky mix) and Trina ( a beagle rescued from Hurricane Katrina). After Vera passed away from liver cancer, you and Trina were companions for the next 7.5 years, until Trina passed from heart failure. As a small dog, you had a Napoleon complex, and sometimes bullied Trina, but like an old couple, your bickering was based in love. When we would go on walks, you moved so much faster than Trina that you would have to zig-zag in front of us to match our pace! I was amused by how much you loved your long fabric animal toys, biting their squeakers, tossing them in the air, and shaking them in your mouth, a terrier “worrying” its prey. When excited you would bounce up and down as on a pogo stick. You seemed to have endless energy and appeared indestructible! After Trina died, you started winding down. I thought you were depressed, but apparently your medically managed liver shunt problem was catching up with you, and you were showing signs of hepatic encephalopathy and dementia. When you started having seizures, I knew it was time to let you go. You had more vitality in your 12+ years of life than many dogs. I miss you so very much, my little guy. I hope your spirit has reunited with those of your canine friends and my father, and that I will see you in my dreams one night soon …

With much love for my little doggie,

  • May 28, 2016
    Dear Sandi, Now I feel that I actually know Randy - and I didn't remember that he was the dog who kept your dad company. It was enjoyable to read about his personality (so much energy!), and to find out what he liked to do, and to see what he looked like...such a cute little guy! And it is good to know that he is now out of pain and united with his companions, incl. your dad. You did the right thing, even though it must have been so hard - you had to do that so much in the last few month. I am thinking of you and yours with love and sympathy, Barbara
  • May 28, 2016
    Dear Sandi, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss of energetic Randy. What an adorable dog, with such a Terrier personality! If not for you and helping Randy with the Liver Shunt, he never would have lived this long and had such a wonderful life. Any stray dog or cat that you find will have the very best life possible! So sad to know that this was a sad year saying goodbye to your furry family members who are now with your Father. Sending you Love & Healing Energy, Gail
  • June 5, 2016
    My Dearest Sister, You know how i feel for you Sweetheart. You have had so much more than your share of grief this year, but you can definitely know that the spirits of your little loved ones are with you still, and will welcome you when you are once again re-united in that special world to come. Until then, they are right there as the angels they truly are looking out for you, I feel this. There is no way the love we feel for them and they for us can ever die, it is non-material to begin with, and so it is there as strong as it ever was for whenever you did it. My Deepest Love for You and All Your Animal Children, Living & Beyond <3 Debbie

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