My Precious Mushie,

What can I say, you were always and always will be the love of my life. You were everything I could have ever asked for in a best friend. I want to thank you dearly for all the unconditional love you’ve shown me the last 15 years. I’ll never ever forget the first moment we laid eyes on each other. It truly was love at first sight. You came to me while all your brothers and sisters were feeding off of your mama and rubbed your tiny lil head against my hand and wiggled your tail the way you have a billion times since then. I knew at that moment that you and I were each other’s soul-mates.

I’ll never forget all the times you’ve made me smile and even now through my tears and sorrow, I still smile at the thought of your loving and silly ways. I’ll never forget all the nights we spent together cuddled up like no one else in the world mattered. All the tears you wiped away when you would comfort me through my pain. All the times I would come home and you were there with those beautiful bright eyes looking at me…as happy as I was to see you, you were as happy if not more to see me.

I’ll miss all the times you tripped me going up the stairs just because you wanted to get to the room before me. I’ll miss all of our hugs and kissies….all the times that I held you up on my shoulder for hours just so you could feel tall like us and look at everything you wanted to.

My Beloved and Beautiful Mushie, please rest in peace. I will be ok because I know you will be my angel in heaven looking down on me. You deserve to be happy and clean again…all fluffy and beautiful with both your eyes open bright and wide with no more pain or suffering.

Thank you for being so strong for me my precious angel. I will never forget the love that we’ve shared and I’ll love you forever and ever.

I will miss you forever my baby and I will look for you in every star, every moon, every cloud, and every butterfly. I will feel you in every breeze, every raindrop and every snowflake. I will look for you in my dreams and will always, ALWAYS remember, you were the best thing that ever happened to me, My Mushie.

I love you my baby girl.

With more love I ever thought I could give,

Big Mushie

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