You brought our family so much happiness. Whether it was your calm and nice personality, your love for food, your passion for swimming in the summer, your desire for car rides each and every day and how you used to open the back window with your paw, your kind hugs, the way you crossed your arms and sat up straight like you went to finishing school, the way you liked in inside of your ears rubbed, the way you used to sing loud when you howled with your late brother Mikey, and the every moment love you showed us all. We found you sitting 11 years ago as the puppy in the corner all by yourself, white as can be and you changed our lives for the better. To my blonde brother, my favorite boy, our “Meenu” or “Maxi” I will keep routing you up those stairs and cheering you on because you over came so much and your fought just simply to put that cute head out the car window whether it be the warmest summer day to the coldest winter night to go get carry-out! We will love you forever. We hope you are with Mikey taking long car rides and enjoying yourself in the pool! xoxo
Your Family

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