Hercules “Mutch Face” Smith

7/3/2001 – 6/15/2011
You know you’re in for a treat when you arrive home to a 9 week old puppy who’s already tipping the scales at 32 lbs. Our baby grew, and grew, and grew as did the space he took up in our hearts – the neighborhood kids would ask if he could come out and play and every 20 minute walk turned into a 2 hour walk. Didn’t matter how old he was, his size always made heads turn! From 9 weeks to 9 years and 50 weeks, he was impressive to all – he might look scary at first but he was the biggest snuggle bear ever! We would tell people be mindful of our dachshunds instead of the big guy. Hercules was also special, he had a thyroid condition so he was always “babied” and had the best care; then came old age. That time when you just know deep down there is something wrong and your pet is just no longer happy. That time was a month ago – he had a senior check up and the vet said everything was fine but mom knew better. We went in for a second opinion and sure enough there was the tumor. Our choices were keep him alive on medication or try for a surgery and hope for the best. We knew prolonging his life on medication was not the way to go so we tried our luck with the surgery. The morning of June 15th, when this photo was taken he was very calm and peaceful like he knew an end was in sight. We dropped him off at the vets at 8:30am and had one last kiss goodbye knowing in my gut for a dog his age – this was a lot to put him through but a trooper to the end he was; he made it through surgery and the removal of a 9 lb tumor but recovery was just too much. 2:16pm we got that call everyone dreads but knew it was for the best. Wish you could have all go to know my Hercules, he will be missed, with his size it’s like loosing a human instead of a dog – he will always be my baby though. Miss you buddy! Love Mommy & Grandma.

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