Gabby (Teen-Fly Gab)

August 14, 1998 – June 16, 2011
Gabby was more than a pet to our family. She was a daughter, sister, and a bestfriend. Gabby loved to swim in any type of water, she expecially loved to strut her stuff on the beach. She also loved to be in the mountains. As long as she could play and she was with her family she was content wherever we brought her through out the years. Gabby was a sunbather. In the summer time, despite her thick coat, Gabby was constantly out laying in the sun or in the shade of the trees in our backyard. Even during the winter Gabby loved to be outside. She was always the first to be out in the newly fallen snow barking and encouraging the rest of our family to come out and play with her. She was always ready for someone to throw her a stick or a ball, although she wouldn’t always bring it back. Gabby had the kindest heart. She was always open and friendly to new people or animals but was most definitely ready to protect her family if the situation called for it. Gabby gave birth to 10 puppies at the age of 3. One of them we kept and named him Blazy. They have had the most playful and loving mother son relationship through out both of their lifetimes. Blazy will miss his mother greatly. Through the challenge of birthing her 10 puppies at her small size, Gabby was a trooper beyond belief. Not only was Gabby determined in this experience but Gabby was a fighter until the end. My girl would never back down nor give up. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister to grow up with. She has been there with me from the beginning and I will miss her terribly. She put up with me pulling her ears and constantly hanging on her as a child and not once did she growl or fight back. I knew she would always protect me if I needed her to. Gabby would have done anything for her family and to be with her family and we would have done the same for her. She was most definitely a huge part of our family and words can’t describe how amazing this sweet dog was. She was our families little angel and we know she is looking down on us now as happy as ever. Gabby lived a long and wonderful life and now continues a wonderful life in which we will join her down the road. We will be with you soon Gab! We love you more than you know sweet baby.

Love Always,
Mom, Dad, Katie and Blazy

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