Gabby was a sweet cat with only 3 paws, we opened the doors to our home when we heard that if he wouldnt find a home his owners where going to put him down. The first time we toke him to the vet we found out that Gabby had 2 tumors in his kidneys and the chances of him surviving was very litle we did everything we could in order to have him with us for a long time. We gave him medicine, fluids, vitamins and everything that was adviced to make him feel confurtable.

Gabby`s last visit to the ve on 03-26-12 for some more fluids when we looked at him he had that look that he needs his internal rest. On 03-27-12 when we got home from work Gabby was no longer eating or drinking water he wouldnt get up to eat and when he did moved he had no strengh at all, right there and then we both decided that it was time to put him down because Gabby wasnt the Gabby we had brought home in the begining . We toke him to the vet with tears in our eyes and we told the vet that it was his time to put him down because at this point he did look like he was really soffering.

We loved and still love Gabby he will always be in our hearts and our memories

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