To our baby dog Dotens we will never forget you you left us so unexpectinally God has another Angel dog in heaven Thank you faithful Compains for being so nice during our loss God Bless you all

  • April 1, 2013
    Yes, he was a dog...better than Most humans, including my blood family. Dotens was given to me by my daughter and 3 grandchildren {Emma, Noah, Sydney}.Thus the "ens" at the end of my name. Dotens loved me unconditionally and stayed faithfully by me for 4years. If it were not for Dotens' love and companionship I would not be here writing this.His love had no strings attached;.." if you don't do what I want you to do then my love for you will turn to anger,,bitterness ,hate and seculsion,{as did most of my family during the divorce and still do 9 yrs,later. } After I had to give Dotens away due to health reasons, my "Sis'" husband drove from MI to VA to pick him up. It was instant love.So it was too when Dotens met his new 2nd Mommie. Dot could never have had a more loving caring home. It was mutual.. They loved each other unconditionally. We will always miss you, Dotens.{Dot}. You'll never be replaced in our hearts and lives. Mama Dot

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