Customer Testimonial


Our cat Belle was our constant companion and a loved member of our family. Yesterday, the day before she passed, we searched for options to cremate her, calling a couple places that didn’t bother to pick up or reply to my voicemails. Our local vet was not helpful either unless we chose to euthanize her which was neither necessary nor the way she should have passed if it could be avoided. This morning, shortly after Belle passed, we called Faithful Companions. They were unfailingly professional, caring and patient with us. We dropped her off this morning and her remains were returned to us by the afternoon. We took her to a beautiful, woodsy spot upstate near where she used to live w my wife and spread her ashes. During an emotional time, having that closure was so important, and Faithful Companion helped make that transition smooth, leaving nothing for us to worry about. Special thanks to Kenny who helped us through the entire process from that call at 8 am to when we picked her up in the afternoon.