Customer Testimonial

Victoria M. Testa

Dear Anthony Erekat:

We just waanted to say “Thank You” for your good faith hard work that you and your company did for me Enzo. Even though Enzo is not here anymore.

I went to see my vet in Elizabeth, NJ. Dr Tony Tavormina, VIP ANIMAL HOSPITAL, today to pick up Enzo. The Urn box that Enzo’s ashes was in was a very lovely Cherry Mahogany redwood with the gols letters engraved with Enzo F. Testa’s full name on it. This was a vert big shock to me. I was very suprised.

This really made my day! I do not have to feel so sad anymore. I am very glad and happy that you put Enzo’s full name on the Urn box. This is one special suprise present that I will never forget. My birthday was Sept. 10, 2011.

Enzo is in pictures and in my heart. Enzo was a pain in the neck sometimes, but he knew when something was wrong and he would come on top of my lap. Enzo was not a dog who ever gave out kisses. he knew the difference from right and wrong after almost 4 years old would have beem on Nov. 5, 2011. Enzo loved Italian pizza, especially cheese of anykind, but, it had to be Italian. He knew the difference. i agree with Enzo all the way on this one.

When you do your job right. you get a very good recommendations for it. this is one for you records Anthony. When you do your job right, the first time believe me when I tell you. This is the only way to do your job.

Thank you very mucg for everything you did. I appreciated how you treated me and Enzo like we were family. This is the way it should be done. This is the only way it should be done.

Sincerely yours,
Victoria M. Testa