Customer Testimonial

Teresa Marchante

Tim and Michelle are the most professional, compassionate and caring people I have come across. I had a lot of questions over and over and they answered everyone of them with so much patience. I am forever grateful for the service you provided me in my darkest hour of not only losing one baby but two at the same time. Your employee, Chris, was so reverent and respectful of not only me but of my babies. He stood “guard” at the end of the van with his hands crossed in front of him looking forward like he would if it were a human being while Tim was finishing up with me in the house. He stood that way until Tim walked down the steps and gave him a nod. Michelle dropped Cane and Madison along with my infinity necklace back to me the very next day and greeted me with a warm embrace and her condolences. What a wonderful company, wonderful owners, employees and top notch service. May God Bless You for coming to Naples, FL