Customer Testimonial


Thank you for your compassion. Phillip Answered every question with sincerity every time I called to check and recheck to make sure we were on the same page getting things ready to send our girl Shebah to the Bridge on October 17, 2014. We had our sweet girl for 13 1/2 yrs and she almost made it to her 15th birthday, but dementia stole her from us. When They came to get her from our home as we had planned after we sent her off in the backyard of our home. I was not ready, and your driver waited patiently for me to be able to let go of my girl. He never rushed me, never flinched, he was wonderful. We had our baby girl back to our home is less than 24 hrs. The professionalism and sincerity was felt from beginning to end. Thank you for this wonderful service and caring staff.