Customer Testimonial

Linda Downey

If you love your pet and want the best right up to the end..then look no further..Faithful Companion is where you want your loving pet.
We lost our 4 year old Lab very suddenly. The CVS Animal Emergency Hospital refered us to a cremation company, (it was another cremation facility not Faithful Companion) My daughter and I delivered some of our dogs personal effects to this cremation facility to have them with Molly for cremation. When we arrived at the facility we were in shock. The office was a mess and filthy. The “warehouse” had no air conditioning, was dark and dirty from what we could see. We asked to see Molly one more time and they would not let us see her. We instantly knew this was not where we wanted our Molly to be cremated. This place was disgusting..and I am being kind! I contacted our vet and told them my situation. They recommended us to call Faithful Companion.. They told me they only use Faithful Companion. (our dog did not die at our vet but at the emergency hospital). Philip at Faithful Companion was so understanding and helpful. Philip went to the facility were our Molly had been kept for almost a week, in a plastic bag and in a freezer. Philip transported Molly to his Charlotte NC location. When my daughter and I arrived we were amazed at how nice this facility was. We were given a tour of the facility and it was immaculate! Molly was comfortable in a nice container with a pillow cushion. The first place was a nightmare…then knowing that Molly would be taken care of with dignity and compassion, we knew she was in the right place. How many people leave a pet cremation facility with a smile on their face? We are so sad about losing our Molly, but we can smile knowing that Philip and the staff at Faithful Companion respected our pet. I can not say enough about the professional, caring and clean environment that Faithful Companion offers! Thank you for making this diffucult time earier knowing that Molly was finally in the right place! Thanks Linda, Brianna and Cassidy