Customer Testimonial

Kimberly Guley

My husband and I are grieving the loss of our 9.5 year old, orange tabby cat, Winston. Winston was diagnosed with cancer about two weeks ago. We chose to treat his symptoms instead of the cancer since it was such an aggressive kind that had already spread. He began going downhill two nights ago, so we made the decision to go ahead and put him down before he really begins to suffer. Our vet was in an emergency surgery and suggested we wait until the following day as long as Winston doesn’t appear to be in pain or suffering. Thinking he could last one more night, we scheduled an appointment the next day. Horrifically, he died in the middle of the night just a few hours later. We are from NC, and have buried pets on our family’s farm in the past, but now living in Michigan, we didn’t fee comfortable burying him in a place where we likely won’t life forever. We did some research and Faithful Companion had the best reviews and information to suit our wants for our dear sweet Winston. After taking his body to them, they explained the whole process, let us say our goodbyes, and showed us the utmost compassion. They delivered Winston’s remains the very next evening to our home in a gorgeous wooden box they engraved with Winston’s name. My husband and I are utterly awestruck with the professionalism, quality, and kindness of this family-owned business. They even gave us a card and a bookmark with a comforting saying about “The Rainbow Bridge”. I was in tears when receiving all of this from them, but we are comforted by the compassion Faithful Companion has for us in this painful time. I would recommend them to anyone.