Customer Testimonial

Kevin Martin

My wife and I have been in dog rescue for many years. Over that time we have come across pups too special or too old to rehome. We keep them and they live with us. We are not the typical pet owner. I used to think that when a pet passes, you bury it in a special spot in the back yard. In 2011 after the death of a very beloved Eskie Dog, we met Tom of Faithful Companions. Long story short, Faithful Companions has handled 9 of our passed rescues. I can not express the magnitude of comfort we find in having our very special pups with us in a display cabinet in our living room. In 2012 after moving out of a house we lived in to move to a different town, I felt bad leaving behind an exceptionally special pup named Bobo. I asked Tom if I would be nuts to exhume Bobo and bring his remains to Faithful Companions to be cremated. So Bobo could join the others. Tom not only assured me I was not nuts, but gave me a special bag to place Bobo into once I had him. Faithful Companions has always gone above and beyond, and is exceptionally supportive, and respectful, and makes the whole grieving time more easily to cope with. Faithful Companions will always be a part of our family as long as my wife and I have pups. Thank you Tom and family for your service!