Customer Testimonial


My 11 year old dog passed away after battling cancer. We called two places to find out about private cremation services before finding Faithful Companion. Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in NY and Pets Rest in Peace in Secaucus. The guy who answered the phone at Hartsdale was very matter of fact, with no compassion whatsoever. At Pets Rest in Peace, the person’s attempt at compassion sounded forced and disingenuous. Anthony at Faithful Companion, however, was both compassionate and professional and treated us with the utmost respect, listening to our needs and explaining their process. Within a day of her passing, they were able to pick her up and transport her to the crematory. We met them there and were able to say goodbye and waited the 1 1/2 hours until her ashes were ready to bring home. This was exactly what we needed. The facility was clean, private, and professional.