Customer Testimonial

Donna Duke

I am at a loss for words to describe the service you provide and the manner in which you provided it. Compassionate, kind, thoughtful, considerate, touching. I could keep going. On September 10, 2015, I had to put down the closest thing I have to a child, my beautiful Cheyenne. Cheyenne was a 15 yr old Lab/German Shepard/Chow mix that was by side through most of my adult life. She just had the most beautiful spirit and soul. To know her was to love her. She was my dog and I was her human. She was diagnosed with cancer in May 2015 and fought the malignant melanoma that consumed her mouth for as long as she could. Though I knew it was the right thing to do, to let her go, it broke my heart. I was blessed that my vet and Faithful Companions came to my home. Cheyenne was surrounded by many who loved her that morning. Afterwards, several of those people commented on how respectful Faithful Companions was. Not only to me, but to Cheyenne. Through every tearful phone communication I had with them, both before and after, they were so patient and considerate and kind. And they always ended our call with “We are so sorry for your loss.” But, the moment that will forever be in my heart, and gave me peace, was when Faithful Companions called me the day after we said goodbye to Cheyenne. I answered the phone and they said “We’d like to bring Cheyenne home today.” God bless you. I have thanked the Lord for you and your service. You surpassed any expectation I had and I am forever grateful. Thank you so very much.