Customer Testimonial

Cheryl Rudzki

I cannot thank all of you enough! I am a veterinary technician at a clinic that uses your services. (Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital) Everyone is always very nice and professional and goes “above and beyond.” Recently, one of your employees, Charlie, had come to pick up a beloved pet dog, the euthanasia had not been done yet, but Charlie said he will wait until the patient was ready for him-no matter how long the owners took to say their good byes. It turns out, the owner of the dog wanted to meet “the faithful companion guy” (to thank him for wonderful service on previous pets and thank ahead of time for caring for this pet too)and Charlie, without hesitation, walked right into the exam room and gave the client comfort knowing that her pet will be well cared for!

I have been in this field over 10 years and have worked with many different cremation services, but none of them can even compare to you guys! I don’t know anyone else that would have gone in on that exam room!

There was another instance a few years back, my aunt had to put her dog to sleep, and the clinic I worked at, at that time, was not open on sundays, so we had gone to another clinic. That clinic did not use faithful companions, but i insisted that “Ginger” was cremated with faithful companion! I personally called Faithful companion and offered to bring Ginger to them since we were at a clinic that did not regularly use them, but that was no problem for Faithful Companion-they said they would have no problem driving to the clinic to pick up Ginger themselves. The very next day i got a phone call from my aunt, saying Ginger had already been returned to her at her house. She then proceeded to go on and on about how nice the gentlemen was that brought Ginger home. She was extremely happy that she had listened to me and had Faithful Companion take care of Ginger.

I have since used your services for my own personal pets, and I will ALWAYS use your services for my own pets! I am very glad to be working at a hospital that uses your services-i can honestly tell clients that you will take proper care/respect their beloved pets and know that what i say is true! The clients seem to sense that i am sincere in KNOWING that Faithful Companion is the BEST! Thanks for doing such a great job!