Customer Testimonial


Dear Tim,

My dog, Buster, was cremated at your facility on Monday, October 20. The kindness, respect, and professionalism you, your sons (especially Rick), and your entire staff extended to me, my cousin, Jan, and my sweet boy were far beyond my expectations. The efficiency with which everything was orchestrated and the way I saw your staff handling the boxes in the holding area gave me immense comfort. I am confident that even if I hadn’t stayed to witness, Buster would have been given his due respect.

When I go over the events of that day, one of the few comforting thoughts I have is that Buster’s life didn’t’ come down to the fact that he weighed 13. 6 lbs. I know he was treated with the same care as the field mouse you told us about or as if he had been a former Westminster Kennel Club Champion; and that’s’ the way it should have been. He meant the world to me in the same way I know those animals would to their owners. He kept me from being lonely and his very presence calmed me when things went bump in the night.

I have told so many people about the positive experience I had at your facility and the tremendous sense of closure it gave me. I’m so grateful to still have Buster with me in some small way and to have something tangible to focus on when I tell him how much I miss him. I wish I knew for sure where Buster’s spirit is now, but even if he’s just a memory in my heart and mind it’s reassuring to know that I was able to thank him for his 13 years of faithful companionship by staying with him throughout his final journey.

I’ll probably require your services again someday for another beloved pet I will acquire in the not-too-distant future; but at least the trepidation of the process won’t be there. And one day it will be me delivered to your facility in a wooden box. But my mind is at ease because I know now that I also will be treated with dignity and respect; and for that, there are just no words to express my gratitude.