Customer Testimonial

Carol Ann Scheiner

Dear Anthony:

I am so very sorry that this letter did not come sooner but it was a very tough holiday season.

When I heard my husband calling out Cooler’s name back on that Sunday morning, back in October, I knew something was wrong. We had lost another family memeber. We were still dealing with the loss of our son, Jonnie, back on August 18, 2012 and now all thos emotioms came rushing back again.

My son Jonnie and husband John brough Cooper into our home, agaon my wishes, back in 200, (she was not even a year old yet) and she became my “daughter” in no time. Even my oldest son, Casey , was not happy about the new edition but like me, grew to love her. She was always attached to John. Wherever her went…she was right behind him, Jonnie played with her CONSTANLEY. Then John and Jonnie introduced her to hunting. She, being a Hungarian Vizia, took to it with gusto. She was suck a pleasure and a fodsent.

When my husband was in a car accident and needed back surgery ..she never left his side. When I would leave for work, she would sit next to him and walk with him whe he tried to get out of bed. She stood by my side when I buried my best mom. She would lay her head on my lap, as I would cry every day for a month. But when we lost our Jonnie..she changed. She woiuld lie in front of his door and wait for him to come home. She would jump all over the place if she heard firetrucks pass the house…thionking that Johnnie was here. There were days that she would pop her head up and look down the hallway and jump off the couch and her tail would wag and she would get so excited and then sit like a good girl…we knew Jonnie was there. But she still missed jim terribly. She lost the spring in her step and she didn’t want to do anything anymore.

Now back to that awful day, October 2nd Mu husband was always my rock and to see him distraught was something i couldn’t handle. Jonnie was his best friend and Cooper helped him get thru each day without him. Now he had lost his faithful companieon and i needed to make it alittle easier for him. That is where YOU COME IN!!!

Like a message frm above, I went online to fina a place that would take care of Cooper, IMMEDIATLEY. John did not want her laying somewhere cold over the weekend. I came acrross your website and called..knowing it was Sunday and it was going to be hard. You offered to come out to our house to get her, but my husband wanted to bring her out, wrapped in her favorite blanket (it was Jonnie’s), with her favorite toy, in the back of John’s truck that she just loved sitting in. You met us outside and I knew I made the right choice of brining her here. You were so comforting to us, especially my husband, and made a horrible day, bearable. We brought her to you at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning and she was back home with us, next to Jonnie, by one in the afternoon.

You took the time, away from your family, on a beautiful Sunday morning to take care of “strangers” and that is something I will never ever forget. I talked about you for the following week and mentioned to other “pet” owners that when that time comes, you are the person to call. Fortuately, no one has needed your services but, in time, they will, and I know you will treat them as beautifully as you treated us. I know Jonnie was very happy to get his girl back with him. That’s the one comfort we have. THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR GUADIAN ANGEL!!!

Carol Ann Scheiner