Customer Testimonial

Ashley Kemp

My kitty passed away in April and I made the mistake of going through my vet’s pet cremation which sent his remains away and took two weeks for his ashes to be returned to me. It was a painful two weeks and the grieving process started all over again once he was finally home.

Our dog, Kash, was diagnosed with lymphoma two months ago at the young age of 4. Over the weekend he took a turn for the worse so we made the impossible decision to put him to sleep. A friend of mine had recommended Faithful Companion’s as professional, compassionate and efficient; they definitely were all of the above.

I called the office to make the arrangements for Kash’s body to be picked up from the vet’s office after he was put to sleep. It was the best decision by far, because neither my boyfriend or I would have been physically or emotionally able to transport him ourselves. The experience of euthanizing a loved one is incredibly difficult in and of itself, I couldn’t imagine having to do anything but go home afterwards.

From making the initial appointment, to the gentleman who delivered our baby home; nothing but professionalism and compassion from all members of staff.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to have private cremation for their pets.