Customer Testimonial


Before coming to Clifton, New Jersey’s “Faithful Companion,” I spoke (on two occasions) with Jim Marrocco, the head of the Clifton facility. He was extremely kind and informative, which I appreciated enormously.

When I brought my dear cat Rocky to “Faithful Companion,” after his death, I met with Anthony Erekat, who handled the cremation. Anthony was exceptionally kind, understanding, and helpful.

The following day, I returned to the facility, to get Rocky’s cremated remains. I was met by Jim Marrocco. He treated me, and the situation (as had Anthony, the day before), with great sensitivity.

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to everyone at Clifton’s “Faithful Companion.” I want to express my deep appreciation to Jim Marrocco and Anthony Erekat—for the professionalism they clearly provide, and for the sense of caring that they extended to me, and to Rocky.