Will had character. We became friends 18 years ago when we found a litter of kittens in the hay for the livestock. We were kids together we played all summer. Once winter came, he had become injured due to a fight with a dog/coyote. This is when our friendship really became close. At 8 years old I made a promise that turned into an 18 year adventure. At 26 now I can truly appreciate everything Will has given me. Will’s abilities included confidant, friend, entertainer, peacemaker, and always the best hugger.
Thanks to Faithful Companions for being so gentle and kind during this time. It has really helped with the whole process.

  • January 4, 2014
    Will was one of the best kitties ever and his mom Ashley was the best kitty mom. Always there to be a friend on good days and bad. We always laughed at his big kitty belly. He certainly like meal time!! He will always be remembered by all who knew him. Ashley always saw to it he had what he needed and he knew he could count on her. We will never ever forget him. We love you Will.......

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