Turbo Charger XI

Turbo loved living on our lake. He could play for hours in the water. He enjoyed boat rides but it was always a challenge for us. It didn’t bother him if the boat was going 5mph or 50mph. If he felt like swimming he’d just jump overboard and we would have to stop turn around and go get him. He had a mind of his own.

Turbo loved the woods. His nose was on the trail at all times, however, he never let Scott get to far away without him coming back to make sure he was still there. Scott says he’s a loyal friend.

Turbo knew all the cars in our neighborhood and, if a stranger wondered through, he would let everyone know. We always felt safe.

Turbo loved his play times. He has his favorite toys, like all kids do. He had a passion for football and frisbe in all types of weather. He didn’t care he just loved sports.

Turbo had a love all foods. His favorite was pizza and he always knew Thursday was that night. He’d stare at the box if he knew there was a piece left. He wouldn’t stop till he got his way.

When I started making doggie gourmet biscuits he was my tester. I made seven different ones, his favorite of course pepperoni and cheese. He would lay in front of my oven till they were done. He loved them hot or cold! Of course his vet said this was a no no so, I backed off.

Turbo had a girlfriend named Bailey and they enjoyed romping around sharing everything together. In the summer they would talk to each other through the windows. They also enjoyed sleepovers. They were best friends.

Turbo also loved to ride. He loved his road trips, and knew when, he was going to one of his favorite places. He made a crying sign to say hurry up were almost there. He was always the first one out of the vehicle. If he didn’t want to leave he would give you that look and lay down and you couldn’t get him to budge.

Xmas was Turbo’s favorite holiday. You couldn’t put any gifts under the tree till xmas eve. Then at 5:00am xmas morning he would wake you up to open his gifts.

Turbo will be dearly missed by the Orr family.

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