My dear sweet Sydney, how I miss you so! For 16 years you were waiting for me to come home from work, and celebrated my return with your precious “Happy Dance”! I never needed an alarm clock, you managed to wake me on time every morning, with your kisses and “meow” I knew it was breakfast time. It’s hard to sleep at night, I miss the warmth of your body on my feet when I go to bed. Perhaps in my grief I have gone crazy…because I sometimes think I hear your sweet voice, or think I see you in your favorite places out of the corner of my eye. I don’t watch TV shows anymore, your not on my lap, so it makes me cry. In your last days, I know you could no longer hear me, yet you understood. I know you were tired and it was your time to rest. Thank you for the endless and unconditional love my little Sydneycakes. You will forever be loved and remembered.

Love Always,

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