I remember the day when you were dropped off to us by Mike C This little pup with big ears and some big feet I remember how hard it was for me to walk you outside.. you would slam yourself on the floor and just cry and look at me with these weepy brown eyes….

You grew to be the best friend little Chad needed Both of you, two babies as we watched you both sleeping Its those memorable times I will always have and cherish in my heart How you always found the time to come give us a great big hug.

And as the years have come and gone, you along with us for the changes You have always been a big fixture and everyones favorite To drinking beer, licking feet and doing what you wanted There well never be a time that you will be forgotten..

But now the time has come, and we are all just aching To see you in such great big pain, Oh our poor Big Spanky And as each day goes by for you please know that you will not be forsaken Just know our beloved Spanky our hearts are really breaking;

Dont forget your partner in crime your little buddy Zeus; For he will not know what happened and will be missing you too.

So go on your head and dream so peacefully May the Lord greet you in his Mighty Kingdom so graciously

We Love you … Daddy, Mommy, Chad Michael, Marco and Lil Zeus….

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