My Dearest Solly,

Our loving Lion, my sweet girl, we miss you so much. Words alone can not express the emptiness I feel without you here. I miss your meows and the adorable way you would greet me when I came home (even late late at night haha). I miss seeing you sit up top the table soaking in the air conditioning on these super hot days. The kitchen isn’t the same without you and I still find myself covering the food and washing out dishes right away so that you wouldn’t come and steal any from the plates. You’re personality was unmatched. I miss that little lion face of yours walking through the house. I never thought I’d miss the times you barged into the bathroom…just to be next to me, haha but I do. I want to thank you for being there for me after Mushie passed the Rainbow Bridge…how you used to come upstairs just to lay with me so that I could fall asleep. You were always in the perfect spot so that I could rub your belly, and would stay long enough for me to fall asleep peacefully and not feel alone. Although I have loved you for the entire 17 years you were with us…we shared such a special bond the 2 years after your sister passed away. I know you are both together now and no longer suffering. I can feel your presence as well as Mushie’s in the house and it keeps me feeling so warm. I long for the nights that I dream of you – knowing in my heart you are visiting me one of the only ways you can. You are and always will be such a very special part of my heart my sweet lil baby. (Cuz even though you were my lil old lady…you were always just a little baby to me.) Until we meet again my sweet Solly, and just like my beautiful Mushie, I will look for you in every cloud, every raindrop, every snowflake, every ray of sun and we will never ever forget all the joy, love and happy memories you brought us. I love you my baby cat so much. I will miss you endlessly. Please run, jump, eat everything you want! Cuddle up with Mushie..and most of all watch over us. My lil angel. <3

Love you always and forever times infinity,

Big Mushie xoxo

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