October 1996 – August 21, 2014

Our beloved Smokey, we love you & miss you, always. We miss you head butting us to scratch your chin, the way you would put your head in our palm when we was scratching your chin. We will miss your meows to get into the rooms or give you food. We will even miss tripping over you, when you wanted us to hurry and get you something out of the refrigerator. You always knew when someone was upset. You would just lay by us, to show your love. I’ll always remember you for the loving kitty that you are. Smokey, you will always be my favorite Christmas present. These past 18 years that we’ve spent with you I will always cherish. I know that you’re no longer in pain or suffering. As much as it hurts not to have you with us, we keep reminding ourselves that you’re okay now. We will always replay the memories that we’ve made with you in our minds. They say cats have 9 lives and we’re happy that we got to spend all of your 9 lives with you. You was the strongest cat I know. Between hurting yourself numerous times and almost dying a couple of times, you always pulled through. We know you wasn’t ready to leave us just yet, but you’re free of pain now. Rest in paradise our little furry child, until we meet again. We love you Smokey. Love, Mom, Dad, and Jess

  • August 21, 2014
    My dear mokey I love you so much I will miss you waking me up for water and food you and my cat are the only babies I loved hate ur gone but no more pain and ik u will haunt us for ur water baby oh I cant stop crying I love you mokey 4 ever :-)

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