Skye has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. It’s been a hard 2 weeks for us – this kidney disease was so sudden. Our boy fought a good fight and we gave him every chance there was. Even in the end when he was so weak and sick his tail was wagging to let us know it was ok.

Skye has been a part of our lives for almost 16 years. He came into my life when I needed a friend (I had just broken up with my live in boyfriend) and was going to live on my own for the 1st time (living upstairs from dad didn’t count). I was scared but he kept me company on my pillow or by my side almost every night. He was a great big brother to Spartacus (the other love of my life) and the two of them bonded instantly. Skye was also the last of our original 5 cats that came up from New York to South Carolina.

Jason said he could never break up with me because he loved Skye so much. We always said that if someone had to see how wonderful it was to have a cat – Skye would be the cat they would want. He had such a wonderful loving personality. He was our lion king. Just 2 weeks ago he was playing with his toys – he loved his catnip! This past XMAS he played with the wrapping paper and got nestled inside the gift bags. Skye also had the habit of opening the closet and garage door (we have handles) – what a smart boy he was. Skye also loved chasing his tail in the the shower and the bath tub.

In the last year or so Skye got even closer to Jason and the two were best friends. Destin also became good pals with Skye especially since he had lost Spartacus. Since Skye and Spartacus were the only 2 cats to lay on my pillow it was quite a sight to come home from the vet to see Destin laying on my pillow. It’s like she knew. Our 3 girls got to spend sometime with Skye today and say their goodbyes.

Skye got to enjoy sitting next to the window feeling the breeze and listening to the birds. For a few minutes we felt like we had our boy back. To say we’ll miss him just doesn’t seem enough. Since we don’t have kids our kitties are the most important things in our life. Skye was everything to us. Our hearts are broken. We miss you Skye and love you from the moon and back.

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