Nineteen and a half years ago, SheShe was rescued from a tree. She was very sick. My son brought her home and from that day forward, SheShe had tons of love! SheShe was such a crazy girl. When she wanted something, she would not stop following you and giving you “the look” until you did what she wanted. And when she was hungry in the morning, she would run her whiskers on my face until I woke up.
SheShe was so spunky. It seemed like nothing could knock her down. She lived through mammary tumors, kidney disease and spinal arthritis. But after 19 1/2 good, loving, wonderful years, SheShe was finally taken from us due to brain cancer. The good thing is that she did not suffer.

Now SheShe will never suffer again. She is with our Lord Jesus and will have everlasting peace and happiness.

I love you SheShe and thank you for all those wonderful years. You will forever be in my heart. You were the love of my life.

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