My beautiful black lab mix, Shadow, was lost to the insidious disease, lymphoma. He was not quite 6 years old. I was so hoping he would stay with us until he grew old. He was so sweet and loving, well mannered and easy going yet a protective guardian. Always faithful, waiting patiently for us to come home, toss the bone and play keep away. A gentle yet playful spirit. We miss you so much. Am always looking for you, but you’re not here. The hole in our lives? It can never be filled…what a special special dog. Thank you for the joy you gave us and for being patient with us as your pet parents. I wish I understood your language better, but you taught me a lot so hopefully someday this will benefit another special friend in the future. Play, be happy, run free, and eat up. No more pain, no more sickness. Love you, Pharaoh dog. Survey and watch over your kingdom! Can’t wait to see you and snuggle again.

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