April 1995 –
April 2011

When I was five years old, I asked Santa for a cat for Christmas. That same Christmas, my sister brought over a young cat that she hoped we would want to keep, otherwise she was headed for the Humane Society. Her name was Scooter, and she was an adorable orange and white cat with big ears and a striped tail. I begged my mom to let us keep her, and so my Christmas wish came true, and she was ours! Ever since I can remember, Scooter was always around.

It was in the last few years of her life that she became especially loving and affectionate, and also when she was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite this, she was always at the table begging at dinnertime, following you around waiting to be petted, and so quick to purr. My mom was glad to give her the insulin shots twice a day and take her to extra check-ups, because she was a part of the family and that was just a speed bump in her life. She had a scare with an attack a few years ago, and I was afraid to lose her. She made it through, and I was so glad. But she wasn’t so lucky this time, not responding to medicine at the emergency vet and she no longer had the will to live… it was her time.

I just wish I could have been there to hold her before she passed, but it eases my mind to know that my mom was there to comfort her, and in those last moments she knew how much she was loved. My mom’s house seems so much emptier now, even with three other cats. It feels odd without her, but it makes me feel better to think about all the happy years we were able to give her, and all the love she gave back to us.

I’m happy that you’re no longer in any pain, little girl, just know that we miss you terribly. You were the sweetest cat, the other cats have a lot to live up to.

Love you always, Erin & Mom

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