Sassy Ivone 2000-2016

Sassy AKA Ratatouille, Baby Girl, and Sassafrass left us today surrounded by her family who loved her. Sassy was our baby and has left a whole in all of our hearts forever.
In her younger years Sassy loved to go for walks, eat bread, and play ball in the backyard. She also loved to impress workmen or friends who came to our home with her ability to jump much higher than one would think her little legs would carry her.
As she got older, Sassy still loved to eat bread, lick things, and cuddle with her family.
Sassy leaves behind her family who adored her. Sergio, Kim, Christian, and Nick. Also Cosmo; her companion with whom she had a love/hate relationship. Fly high baby girl knowing how much love and joy you brought to us heart emoticon

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