In Lovinng Memoery of Sadie

June 13 1998 – January 26 2012

Sadie was my Lab/Chow mix and was mine and my husbands together baby. She was full of tenderness and love.She was brought into of lives to be our sweet girl and friend. Her best friend was Lucky our German sheppard and when we lost him we got Rocky for her.She has two little girls, mom and dad and her Rocky dog and Chloe kitty who miss her very much. I remember how protective you were of your family and always wanted to be by my side. Please tell my Lucky hello for me and run and play and when I come to see you meet me tip your little head and give me kisses (licky, licky ,licky)You are and will always be a part of our fmaily. I was the one blessed to have you in my life.You are the only one in my life who ever gave me unconditional love. Your eyes were the window to your soul and I love you forever…. Rest in Peace baby… <3 Love you sweet Sadie baby.. Mom, Dad, Ashleigh, Lauren, Rocky and Chole...

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