Roxy Girl sweet puppy,

Oh my sweet puppy girl, i miss you soo much,7 years is much too short for you! I know you had a great life with me and you were truly my very best friend,The kids loved you soo!! What fun they all had wth you, your un-conditional loyalty to me ,So many people have stopped us on all our journey to say what a magnificent dog you are. I could never imagine and furry friend like you could bring such peace and joy in my life, No matter what was happning around us, we would find a happy place to walk to and the love you had for me and our outdoor activitys will be cheerished forever in my heart!!!!
Ive had other dogs before and loved them too!! But you my girl!! you were really the dog that everyone dreamed of having!!!
I will miss you always,you made my life complete girl!!!
You suffered way too long long with that horrific painful cancer, and i wasnt even aware!! Thats how strong you were, even threw that pain you kept it hidden so i wouldnt know!!!! oh girl!! ill see you in Heaven one day!! untill then! run freally fast play ball and fetch really BIG sticks!!! I miss you!!!!<3

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