Punkie 1995 ~ 5/2/11
Punkie was the best little cat. She was “my” cat. Slept with me every night, sat/layed with me no matter where. Followed me everywhere! Punkie was almost 17 yrs old. I knew the last few months were getting tough for her…I wish she could have lived forever. I miss her more than words can ever express! She wanted nothing but to snuggle with me day in and day out. She would meow and pace every morning in the hall as I would be getting ready for work….she never wanted me to leave. It killed me the last few weeks to leave her alone as I would go to work. I prayed everday that she would make it one more day. I didn’t want her to die alone without me. I knew Monday that it was time. I couldn’t and didn’t want her to suffer or be in pain. We miss you Punkie, even brother (Bubba, our other cat). He is still searching for her and keeps looking in the spare room where she would sleep during the day…

Thank you to the Santeiu family for your kindness. Working in the funeral business as I do, and seeing death day in and day out, you never know the pain of loss until it is someone you love, person or pet….a pet is as much part of your family as any one can be.

Mommy, Daddy and Bubba will miss you forever and ever, our lives will not be the same without you.

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