Pumpkin Pie

My heart aches each second of the day with just the thought of you not being here at home with us. You gave that evil cancer one heck of a fight and Mommy, Daddy and your fur siblings are so very proud of you. I am beyond blessed for the 16 amazing years of wonderful memories with you. It breaks my heart to know we both suffer from the same evil hands of cancer yet God decided it was time to call you home first. We will all miss spending time sunbathing outside on the back porch with you during these warm upcoming spring months. It will never be the same with out you. Give Crystalblue and Bear kitty a huge kiss for me and know I will be with you all soon my best boy, XOXOXOXOXO
Mommy, Daddy, the kitty gang & Oreo, Littleblue *:)

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